We design and develop innovative solutions by cooperating with industrial and academic partners, constantly drawing inspiration from nature and always placing well-being at the heart of our research and development.

Our team of researchers specializes in the selective recovery of molecules produced by plants and aquatic photosynthetic microorganisms in order to develop innovative and effective cosmetic active ingredients.

Our in-depth knowledge of plants and their biological properties is the basis of our work in plant extraction.

Our know-how covers both ecology, ethnobotany, process engineering, phytochemistry and plant physiology to select the raw materials most likely to offer quality products.

Proprietary technologies allow us to discover and objectify the most interesting active molecules for skin care.

In addition to extraction techniques, our laboratories master a whole set of separation techniques, to purify or concentrate the extracts. Some of our products undergo, during their manufacture, stages of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, molecular distillation or low and high pressure chromatography.


BIOGRINE LABORATORY PARIS attaches great importance to the trust of its customers. For this we provide you with a complete description of the product, their advice for use and their composition via a QR code that you will find on our packaging...


Each cosmetic product is tested and approved in batches before being marketed and has the prestigious European CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) certification.



Benefiting from state-of-the-art tools, BIOGRINE has the necessary skills to obtain precise results for the formulation of its products. Thus, we guarantee the conformity and quality of each BIOGRINE product. Thanks to our CE-certified laboratory, we use a validated methodology and work according to strict quality systems, ensuring the traceability of samples and results.



With the expanding market for CBD products, many are looking to reduce the cost of the raw material, and the search for cheap, artificial CBD could become a major problem. Many studies have already shown that the use of artificial or poor quality cannabidiol could be dangerous and risky for health.