how does the biogrine loyalty program work?

100 EURO SPEND = 5% credit in voucher (“GAINS BIOGRINE”)

You earn Credits for each euro spent (excluding fees and government taxes) on all BIOGRINE products ordered on our site.

The GAINS BIOGRINE work like a currency. Use them to buy other products, in a future order.

If your order is, for example, an amount of 100 euros, you earn 5 GAINS BIOGRINE Thanks to Your order of 100 euros, you will benefit from a voucher of 10 euros on your next order.


How to use your winnings

Before checkout select the option "biogrine loyalty gain". The amount of your GAINS BIOGRINE, click the amount. And that's all !!! You will see the discount appear automatically on all of your purchases.


Go to Menu "MY PROFILE" , then "MES GAINS".

terms and conditions of the biogrine loyalty program

The period of validity of GAINS BIOGRINE is 1 year from the date of the last order. Any new order will in fact extend the validity of all the GAINS BIOGRINE for a period of 1 year.

The GAINS BIOGRINE are in no way assignable or transferable to the benefit of a third party.

The payment of an order by means of a gift card does not allow obtaining GAINS BIOGRINE.