5 things to know about CBD for beginners

New to CBD and don't understand what it is? Do you doubt its legality and harmful side effects on your body? Would you like to test CBD products but you don't know which ones to choose? Do not panic ! Discover our short guide to CBD that will let you know the 5 most important things to know about this molecule of well-being.

Discover CBD

  1. What is CBD?

In 1947, the chemist Roger Adams mistakenly extracted the first cannabinoid from the plant of hemp. This is the discovery of the molecule CannaBiDiol, more commonly known as CBD. Studies were carried out much later and it was not until the 1960s that scientists declared CBD to be not a psychotropic.

Indeed, unlike its sister TetraHydroCannabinol (THC ), CBD does not alter the psychic and physical functions of the consumer. In addition, it does not cause any addiction. It is the presence of THC that defines recreational hemp, or cannabis.

After years of research, CBD is even useful in paramedical treatments because of its anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic properties and anxiolytics . Today, CBD products are recognized worldwide in the field of well-being.

  1. The legality of CBD in France

Despite years of research, CBD still has a little trouble getting into the mainstream, mainly because of a misunderstanding of the subject . The introduction of CBD in European countries has therefore been gradual in recent years. Each government has its own laws concerning this molecule with particular benefits. However, it was only after the WHO (World Health Organization) declared France's ban on CBD consumption illegal that this behind authorized it… under certain conditions.

CBD Smoking Ban

For the French government, a completely new regulation has emerged. Today it is therefore forbidden:

  • To present and promote CBD products like therapeutic products.
  • From sell, buy or consume CBD to minors (under 18 years old).
  • To consume CBD in the form of flowers or t2>leaves, whether for infusions or for smoking.
  • From sell, buy, consuming and promoting cannabis or any product containing THC over 0.2%.

In addition, it is strongly not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to consume it Studies on CBD have not yet been conclusive on the possible consequences on newborns.

  1. A biological mechanism that differs from one individual to another

It seems obvious and yet it is important to specify it. Each person can react in a completely different way from another. Some factors may come into play such as weight, age, a poor immune system or Allergies, etc… These are criteria to be taken into account before and during the taking of CBD.

It is essential to be be vigilant when it comes to taking CBD. If you experience dizziness or nausea, treatment should be discontinued or arrange it… Above all, consult your doctor. Similarly, if you feel drowsy, avoid risky activities such as driving.

  1. The different ways of ingesting CBD

Today, there are many types of CBD products. Each of them offers a different mode of ingestion. In fact, the duration of appearance and its effects, as well as its intensity after consumption can be very varied.

Administer CBD

  • It is possible to swallow CBD in the form of capsules or oil. The oil can be put directly under the tongue or mixed with food basic (cream, sauce, etc.). There are even pastes containing high-dose CBD to incorporate into your favorite recipes. The digestive method takes longer to manifest the active ingredients of hemp unlike the sublingual method . Indeed, in direct contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth, the molecule immerses itself more quickly in the blood and, suddenly, the reactions are faster and last quite a long time.
  • For lovers of electronic cigarettes, the ideal solution is e-liquid. In addition, the inhalation method is also ideal for nicotine withdrawal. CBD arrives faster in the blood and therefore the effects are quite rapid. Perfect for sleepless nights!
  • By dermal is the preferred method for cosmetics vendors. Indeed, it is possible to apply creams and other beauty products directly to the skin for a much longer duration. In addition, with its moisturizing and relaxing properties, it is the ideal product for daily well-being.
  1. How to use CBD?

Each product therefore has its own method of ingestion but also its own dosage. It is imperative to read the instructions to adopt the good attitude in its consumption of CBD. In addition, it is recommended to start treatment with light doses, in order to become familiar with the molecule and its effects.A good week of waiting is necessary to realize the ideal proportions for your body. Thereafter, do not hesitate to gradually increase the measurements if necessary. However, this is not mandatory since each individual reacts his own organism.

CBD is considered a food supplement for the development of well-being. To maximize its effectiveness, it is essential to combine it with a good diet and regular sports activity. But above all, it does not replace medical treatment provided by your doctor. It is therefore imperative to discuss your intentions with him in detail in order to avoid contraindications and other potential dangers.