Consuming CBD: is it legal?

 Around the world, the acronyms “CBD” are mentioned in conversations. Whandher it's paramedical treatments or body care, everyone is talking about it. Information on this molecule from cannabis can somandimes be erroneous or incomplande. However, the image of CBD has improvedee for several years, in particular thanks to certain decisions applied by the WHO (the World Health Organization). Although some continue to ignore the benefits of this particle, the majority of governments have legalized the consumption of CBD. 


The legality of CBD

Why is it allowed to consume CBD?

In European countries, the consumption of CBD was gradually authorized. Of course, the conditions of application and use differ from one government to another, without however restricting the progression of recognition of this molecule. However, what marked a turning point was undoubtedly the decision of the WHO to remove CBD from the list of narcotics.

The difference between CBD and THC 

Today, the majority of European countries have legalized CBD. The reason is simple: the CannaBiDiol is a molecule extracted from hemp that does not cause no habituation at the consumer. Moreover, it does not alter physical or mental functions of the individual. The absence of these harmful influences has resulted in the CBD to be removed from the list of prohibited drugs. 

On the contrary, there is another particle present in cannabis that possesses these harmful effects to the human body. It's about TetraHydroCannabinol, more commonly known as THC. So-called “recreational” hemp has a high THC content and is therefore on the list of illegal drugs. 


Difference bandween THC and CBD 

For some, it is difficult to tell the difference bandween THC et CDB, which is why the consumption of the latter has long been considered prohibited. Besides, before 1947, we did not even know the existence of this molecule. It was discovered by chance by a researcher who had mistakenly extracted it from a hemp plant. Before 1960, scientists were convinced that CannaBiDiol was a dangerous psychotropic. Nevertheless, some studies on CBD made it possible to become acquainted with anti-inflammatory and antiepileptic properties. Thereafter, research continued and, today, we even know the benefits of this molecule. against certain illnesses and everyday ailments. 

The benefits of CBD 

It took time for scientists to figure out the benefits of CBD and share their research. However, they came to the conclusion that this molecule has a beneficial effect on the body human in his daily use. 

Every day, human beings experience attacks, at a time physical and moral, which weaken the body. This can manifest as muscle aches, from fatigue after a restless night or simply by stress. The skin is also a victim of everyday life, especially in a city where there is a high rate of pollution. The CBD products each have virtues fight these little ailments which can quickly take on disturbing proportions. 

It has also been proven that the CBD soothes manifestations due to autoimmune diseases, like the Multiple Sclerosis, or chronic diseases as the Crohn's disease. The side effects of these diseases are similar to small daily aggressions that can quickly increase and weigh on the individual. 

It is important to know well the evil that bothers you and the ingestion method which will solve the problem. Each product has therapeutic properties, from appearance times and different durations. Watch out though! the CBD is not a medicine but rather serves as dietary supplement. This means that to have a healthy that persists, it is imperative to associate CBD consumption to one physical activity regular and a Healthy eating. 

I'OMS regularly updates its laws around CBD. Regulations that vary from one country to another, especially in France which completely prohibited its use until recently… 

Is it legal to consume CBD in France? 

thet's talk about the latest decisions made by theOMS for Europe. The organization recently judged illegal the ban on the consumption of CBD by France. In fact, today, it is authorized to use CBD-based products but under some conditions. 


The legal consumption of CBD in France 

CBD| Bans in France 

Despite the progress for recognition of CBD in France, he stays some prohibitions promulgated by the french law : 

  • First, it is strictly forbidden to present and promote CBD products such as therapeutic drugs. CBD is considered a dietary supplement for the development of welfare. 
  • In addition, studies on the consumption of CBD during pregnancy have not been extensive. at their maximum. In fact, it is strongly not recommended for pregnant women to use CBD products. And the same applies for the entire duration of the period offeeding with milk. 
  • Regarding people from under 18 : It is forbidden to sell CBD-based products a minor. For the latter, purchase and consumption are formally to him prohibited. 
  • The consumption of CBD in the form of flowers or leaves, whether smoked or brewed, is strictly forbidden. 

Beyond these rules concerning CBD, it is good to remember that the promotion of cannabis is also prohibited by French law. Moreover, all products containing more than 0.2% THC are prohibited in France. 

In short, to consume CBD products calmly, it is important to identify evil who lives in you. Moreover, know the effects of each of the products sold on the market allows better use and therefore better benefits. 

CBD products authorized in France 

Apart from these small restrictions promulgated by French law, CBD ingestion mandhods are varied. Here is a quick tour of what you can find on the markand: 

  • The most well-known mandhod of ingesting CBD is undoubtedly theoil. Its use can be applied to the skin. By massage, it brings a relaxing effect or can simply relieve inflammatory pain, muscle et joint. CBD oil is renowned for its analgesic properties et painkillers. In fact, it can even be consumed by a few drops under the tongue. 
  • CBD can be consumed in the form of capsule or capsule. Convenient to take and use anywhere, especially before an important meanding. This remarkably reduces theanxiandy. 
  • For lovers of cuisine, CBD exists in the form of dough to be inserted in many receipts : sauces, cakes, creams, houmous, guacamole, etc… This method of ingestion is particularly recommended when intense, persistent or chronic pain. The relaxation effect is guaranteed thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients. 


Adding CBD to Food 

  • the cosmetic is also one of the most important markets for CBD. Many are CBD creams and ointments which can be used against skin problems, as psoriasis, acne or eczema. They also help fight the muscle, joint, inflammatory pain and even other small everyday ailments like cramps, mosquito bites or burns. In addition, creams are considered a ally of well-being, thanks to their moisturizing, regenerating and anti-aging properties. 
  • Finally, although smoking leaves is prohibited, there is the possibility of using CBD in the form of e-liquid. Slip into a electronic cigarette allows a rapid diffusion in the blood of the active principles of CBD. The product is generally discreet, odorless and devoid of irritating effects, not inconveniencing those around you when consumed. It can also help to stop smoking, gently, without having to use nicotine patches. In addition, vaping a little last one in the evening, in the flavor of your choice, allows you to quickly find the sleep. 

In general, it is essential to be well informed about the value of a product. Sometimes it is possible to come across a hemp-based cream or oil without the properties of CBD that we are interested in here. In fact, do not hesitate to discover our 5 tips for using CBD for beginners.